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So with the pandemic this year I decided to upgrade my communication with my parents. I live in Florida they live in Pennsylvania. My parents are in their 70’s and not exactly computer savvy. My mom loves to video chat but won’t get a cell phone that can actually pull that off. She tried using Google but every encounter was just her saying “Can you hear me?” and “Why can’t I see you?”. So I researched and purchased a Facebook Portal. It is awesome. You can use either Facebook messenger or WhatsApp to place video calls. It’s very easy to set up (Mom did it all by her self!), the sound and video quality are great. What I really love about it is she can connect with other people that she is friend with on Facebook. She contacted a cousin in New York she hasn’t spoken to in years. The biggest surprise is my dad can actually answer it all with out help! They also like the fact you can play music using Alexa. Now all the kids and grand kids use the portal to contact them, it’s

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